Mark's Newsletter February 2020

Mark's Newsletter February 2020

Greetings from Kaabong. I want to thank you for always standing with us in the work of propagating the gospel to the least reached people in every way. The year 2019 ended well with me taking time off to visit family at home. This was also affirming of the work as I am always aware of how different our societies are in as far as knowing our saviour Christ go. Back at home Christmas is a time we are looking forward to being home with family and remind ourselves of the birth of Jesus Christ our saviour while many other places including Karamoja this craze is almost non-existent. This helps me to appreciate the step our fore fathers took to stand in the gap for us to be able to have a culture filled with the gospel. And it’s because of this knowledge of the risen saviour that I am convinced explains the love people back at home in Mbarara have for each other and it’s this same love that has taken me to share the good news elsewhere.

This year has started with some registered insecurity in some parts of Karamoja but we have not been directly affected and the authorities are noticeably beefing up security so we have that to pray to God to intervene and restore peace in the areas affected. We are continuing with the church planting in Lotim and it is going on well. This is still uncharted territory for us but we are seeing God through all the experience. We are still having service either in a classroom or under a tree next to Peter Lodomo’s place (Peter is the man of peace we always work with). We are asking God to touch the hearts of some men who would stand in the gap to see a physical church built in this community and also commit to getting to know Him through the scriptures and make a stand. We are also going to come alongside these persons to acquire land and see the church structure set up. We are also in the final stages of moving to Lotim to live there as we continue to do the work of evangelism. We will hopefully get more opportunities to share this gospel to other communities and also see places of worship set up. So please pray for us that we will remain faithful to the call as God has been faithful to us in providing and protecting us in this land.

We had an opportunity to be a part of a mission organised by the church in Kathile to evangelise their communities and it was insightful. We very much appreciate the magnitude of the work especially of discipleship once people give their lives to Christ. The work is indeed beyond us and gives us more reason to pray and call on the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the people here. So we are asking that you pray to the lord of the harvest to send more labourers and also raise more of the Karamojong labourers to take on the work of preaching the gospel.

God has in many ways been teaching me about His faithfulness this year and I realised it is on this attribute that I can count on Him. That He will see whatever He has promised come through. Every time in scripture I see Him stay true to Himself and even when it looks like He changes His mind it’s only on calling out to His faithfulness that you can be sure He will come to your rescue. In other words that He is good is what we can count on to see any and all work done in and through our lives and we know these promises are good as we read the testimonies in the scriptures of people who have trusted Him.

There’s always a lot to share and I will always share at every opportunity but I want to take an opportunity at the off chance that you have not come to know this person called Jesus to ask u to take time out and seek him. I can assure you if you do this with a sincere heart he will meet you at that point and swiftly. And do share with a neighbour when you have found the peace that comes with knowing Christ.

Pray for all the labourers in the work of the gospel, the security of the Karamoja sub region, the church in Lotim, and that we shall also be encouraged to continue being faithful in the work.


Your partner in Mission,
Kananura Mark
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