I am a Catalyst

I am a Catalyst

Catalyst noun


  1. (Chemistry) a substance that makes a chemical reaction happen faster without being changed itself Chlorine will act as a catalyst.
  2. Catalyst (for something) a person or thing that causes a change [positive change]*

Every time we find firewood burning there are two things that can always happen to it, it can either grow into a flame or die out.  We can each contribute to these two things by either adding more wood and it produces a greater flame or extinguishing it by pouring water etc. [or as a friend of mine says, ‘or by doing nothing’.]

All our lives we are either doing one or the other concerning anything. We are either catalysts or inhibitors; we are either adding a flame to something or pouring cold water to extinguish something. We do this most often than we realise that it is an unconscious everyday decision, every day we are either catalysing or inhibiting something.

Having said that, are we catalysts of the gospel movements across the peoples that have never heard of our Lord Jesus Christ or are we inhibitors, pouring loads and loads of water to the gospel propagation. As inhibitors we don’t even realise we are doing this, we unconsciously decide each day against the gospel with our decisions, lifestyles, indifference, silence and even discouraging talk that always borders to  ridicule and scorn, never helping the cause but always looking only inwards to our own selves and needs. As though our slogan is, ‘seek ye first your kingdom and righteous [standard] and the rest shall follow if there are leftovers’. P.F. Breese once said, ‘we are debtors to everyman to give him the gospel in the same measure in which we have received it’. Are you a catalyst of gospel movements across the yet unreached peoples of the world who are without access to the gospel? Or are you inhibitors to what God is doing and is desiring to do around the world.

As for me and my house [as Joshua once said]; I choose to be a catalyst, I choose to see the gospel go to places and peoples that have not had opportunity to hear about it, I choose to add in wood in the fire of what God is doing around the world, and I choose to do this with the life and resources God has accorded to me. I Am a Catalyst.

P.S. *emphasis mine in italics


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