Missions Discipleship and Training Program


For a long time, Africa and more specifically Uganda has been known as a missionary receiving country with little missionary enterprise of their own (this is unacceptable knowing how much more needs to be done to bring home the harvest of the over than 5000 people groups still with little or no access to the gospel). We, however, are seeing that lack of initiative change by the day especially in the last three years, so much momentum has been gained in mission awareness campaigns and the like. But one deep challenge remains, they are getting to know their mission mandate but still layers of myth remain of who a missionary is or his work.

So the challenge remains to unearth and challenge these myths and lies that seek to keep the Ugandan and African church from participating in the great commission. One of those myths is an African can’t be a missionary, he has nor the re-sources nor equipping nor nerve for it. Therefore Mission exposure remains our one potent weapon to expose these lies and misconceptions. Though as FMT our vision is to see an African messenger working among the un-reached peoples of the world raising multiplying disciples to the glory of God, we very well know these African messengers are out there battling these myths and misconceptions that are keeping them from embracing the call and mandate upon their lives.

DTP seeks to inspire, clarify and equip.


DPT is a six month program that has been designed to help the African church get the hands on mission exposure:

1. That will inspire devotion and passion for our King and His mission in other words, the pursuit of the one thing; His glory and worship among the na-tions.

2. That seeks to challenge the myths, misconception and Lies that have long kept the African church away from mission while equipping for long term missionary prospects or ministry back home.

3. DTP intends to help one clarify their call whether be it as missionary far away from home or mobilizer back home or sender; find their feet and pos-sibilities of carrying the call out as a Ugandan/African; and practical ways of how to actually accomplish the task at hand that the call demands.

How we intend to achieve this?

DTP is designed in such a way to emulate the Jesus model of how he discipled and equipped his disciples. “….that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach….” Mark 3:14. From the very beginning Jesus strategy was, to be with; this involved a personal contact with his disciples where he talked, taught and equipped as they went along with him. They saw him and learnt by observation, their own questions and Jesus’s well-crafted questions to them. So each DTP participant is connected to a missionary who walks alongside him, it’s from this rela-tionship that one learns by observation, asking questions and being asked questions. Each individual missionary may have different ways of teaching the participants but the aims are always the same to inspire, clarify and equip. Whether it’s when they are doing bible study or prayer together which is a key element for every missionary, or interacting with people or personal devotional habits, or support raising experiences or trying to learn a language or trying to understand a culture and its underlying beliefs, each missionary may adopt a different approach.

Partly because each individual participant requires special care especially considering where they are at in their journey with God, we consider this to be key and every missionary wants to begin their journey with each participate at where they are at and that’s the beauty of life on life mentoring. Being able to know each individuals lies that they have believed and dealing with them with the truth at each individual level as well as their strengths, flaws and growth areas. This necessitates that they live and work with the missionary they are assigned to who also is responsible for their upkeep. However each participant may be assigned to more than one missionary in case more equipping is needed which one missionary may not be in position to provide but this also is to expose the participant to a variety of different life scenarios of different missionaries to connect with. This life on life mentoring also helps the participant to see close up the flaws and struggles of a missionary which helps on the undue high expectations from reality that have been placed on missionaries which usually puts undue pressure to potential missionaries, this of course takes high vulnerability on the part of missionary which they are glad to offer.

"DTP is designed in such a way to emulate the Jesus model of how he discipled and equipped his disciples."

Secondly, to send them; Jesus would then send them out to apply what their were learning and there after evaluate their motivations and their work like at one point they came back rejoicing about the demons obeying them and he is quick to remind them that was not the important thing. So also the missionary assigned to the participant assigns them tasks that will help teach, challenge their beliefs and grow their character. Usually these tasks flow from what they have been learning and observing. Tasks like farming alongside a person you’re trying to reach out to, preaching in a local congregation, leading a bible study or bible storying, evangelism, writing newsletters, support raising, and any other tasks arising from interaction with a particular people group or the individual participant’s needed areas of growth. 

All this so that at the end the participant will be inspired, have a clarity of call and equipped to be sent out to serve where God has placed him or is calling him to as far as the great commission is concerned.


The Frontier Mission Team is a Great Commission mission agency that mobilizes, equips and sends missionaries to unreached peoples where they join a team of missionaries.

Our vision is to see an African messenger working among the unreached peoples of the world raising multiplying disci-ples to the glory of God.

And we intend to accomplish this by engaging in partnerships that work in God’s vineyard to mobilize, equip and send African messengers among the unreached peoples of the world raising multiplying disciples to the glory of God.

“The evangelization of the world waits not on the readiness of God but on the obedience of Christians.”
- Bill M. Sullivan