For one to have a clear idea of these places and least reached people, it’s key for one to actually visit the people first hand and have a full experience of the place. Exposure trips give a glimpse of what happens on the field in a cross-cultural context. You may not get the full picture of the mission field in just a few days but at least you get enough exposure to charge you up for the passion of God. Exposure trips last between 3 days and 10days.

As FMT we have a flexible policy of hosting people but not more than 10 at a given time in the mission fields they are serving. They are hosted by a missionary who takes them through the work they are engaged in, a few stories of the culture and interactions with the local people.

People are required to meet their own transportation costs to these mission fields and then the FMT missionaries are privileged to meet their food and accommodation expenses while on the field unless they are a team of more than 3 people in which case an arrangement is made.