What causes you to burn? What ignites a fire in your heart that keeps you awake at night and gets you out of bed in the morning? What Fuels you? Fuel: (Verb) to cause to burn more intensely.

The aim of fuel is to see the hearts of Gods people burning more intensely for Him and for missions. We believe this will in part be accomplished through exposure of people to the needs and opportunities that exist in hard places and equipping with the skills to minister in these hard places.

Fuel is a program ran twice a year in Karamoja (currently) for 1 month in January or 2 months in June-august for a few people who are exploring missions and desire to be exposed and equipped to seek what God is calling them to do. It’s not designed to be easy or a free ride, we want people to be shaken and stirred, moved from our comfort zone to burn more intensely for the purposes of God around the world.

Fuel is run by Africa Inland Mission, who are partners with FMT.