Growth Tools

For one desirous to grow their mission passion, one may consider one or all of the opportunities we offer to stir their mission passion

  1. Take a journey through ACTS;
    This is a bible intensive study through the book of acts as we follow the early mission movement as it grew from humble beginnings to turn the world upside down.
  1. Join a book club;
    Many missionaries and mission minded believers have attributed their mission passion growth to biographies and writings of earlier devoted men who gave their lives for the cause that are both inspiring and challenging. The FMT library is also accessible for those around Mbarara.
  1. Do X-plore and GO-mobilize;
    These are group oriented bible studies produced by Centre for Mission Mobilization [] that can take you a long way in understanding the heart of God for the nations and exploring your first steps in mobilizing others.
  1. Attend a Kairos course;
    Find out more here.

FMT Prayer Calendar January 2020

"This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all

Luke 24:46-47

5th-10th: Gratitude

Thank God for his goodness, blessings and provision in the year 2019.

11th-15th: Mobilization

Pray that God will guide the planning and execut ion of all mobilization activities for this year . Pray that God will bring up people that are committed to praying for missionary work in Africa.

16th-20th: FMT Staff

Pray that God exposes the idols in our lives and in the lives of the people we are moving with. Pray that we shall worship God alone. Pray that we pray.

21st-25th: Lotim Church Plant

Pray that God provides a piece of land for the Lotim church plant and for Peter who is the pastor of the church, to continue growing spiritually in his passion for God.

26th-31st: People Groups

Pray for the Azerbaijani people group in Kazakhstan. Ask the Lord to call people who are willing to go to Iraq and share the gospel with the Azer is in Kazakhstan. Pray that the doors of Iraq will soon open to missionaries.