"Catalyzing a church planting movement among the Karamojong."

Exciting times for the gospel propagation in Karamoja. The desire on our hearts is to see a church planting movement spring up in this land. Imagine a thousand churches all over Karamoja planted by Karamojongs themselves. And Camp Kamina (love) being one of the tools we use to serve three purposes in this endeavor:
1. Training site for local church planters and outside missionaries intending to join.
2. Exposure centre for outsiders coming to experience Karamoja especially on how to be involved.
3. Accommodation for some of the fulltime missionaries.

So join us to bring the gospel to all the Karamojong. Together as a team we can see God do something incredible in this land.

Pray that God will use this campsite to inspire and challenge to obedience many local Karamojong believers and those who will come in for exposure trips. Pray for provision to finish its construction.


Give to this amazing work. Support our fulltime missionaries, Jesus film to different villages, construction of the site, training of the church planters.

Come and be a missionary among the Karamojong or come visit and see how to be involved or come and be an encouragement to us as you see the work.