Our mission is to engage in partnerships that work in God’s vineyard to mobilize, equip and send African messengers among the unreached peoples of the world raising multiplying disciples to the glory of God.


Our vision is to see an African messenger working among the unreached peoples of the world raising multiplying disciples to the glory of God.

“Jesus said to His disciples, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send workers into his harvest field.” Matt 9:37-38.
Our Vision carries the desire to see the church in Africa in all its different expressions mobilised beginning from our Jerusalem “Mbarara, Uganda” through partnerships.
How can we get workers into the harvest field? Workers emerge, when the church mobilises its own into the master’s work to pray for missions, give, send and go as missionaries taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. How will the church grow if they don’t become fishers of men?

Core Values

a) Partnership
We value and believe in working with others whether individuals, organisations or churches in its different expressions. We are committed to helping each other to accomplish the mandate of world evangelisation that God has given us. We know we can’t accomplish this task alone, it’s too big for a single individual, organisation or church entity to accomplish alone therefore we know we need each other. For we are only one part of the larger body.

b) Passion
We value a passionate pursuit of God and his purposes. A passion that expresses itself in deep devotion, commitment and a sacrificial love. A passion that risks all for God and His glory.

c) People
We value relationships. We believe in the dignity and potential of an individual, the worth placed on them by the creator God. We value relationships because they are so dear to God, and it’s in them that the gospel is communicated, grows and multiplies.

d) Prayer
We value and believe in prayer as our expression of dependence and trust in God and His son Jesus and that through prayer History is changed for that’s how God has determined it in his wisdom.
The history of missions is the History of answered prayer’ - Samuel Zwemer

e) Patience
We value a patient reliance on God, a perseverance that waits and suffers long till it sees the purposes of God fulfilled.

What We Do

Least reached peoples will be defined as peoples with no gospel presence or very little gospel presence that they need outside help to advance the gospel among the people group.

Mission Mobilization as defined by Fred Markert is the process of envisioning and educating God’s people about His strategic plans for the world, and it is the means of keeping them involved and moving forward until they find their specific place and role in the world evangelization.

And we also believe as FMT that mission mobilization is missional discipleship, the process of raising and nurturing mature believers who are sold out and devoted to their master to do as he ordains.

We are engaged in the following;
1. In finding out and reaching the least reached peoples with the gospel.
2. In mobilizing churches and people to be involved in reaching these least reached people.
3. In conducting mission events, courses and the like that help in bringing to this awareness of the least reached.
4. In raising, training and preparing missionaries to go to these least reached people.
5. In coordinating the placements and work of the missionaries as well as strategy formulation, evaluatingand monitoring their work.